Award-Winning Journalist Jason Whitlock’s

- Whitlock’s Fearless columns on sports and race earned him the prestigious Scripps Howard National Journalism Award, a first for Sportswriters.

- Jason Whitlock isn’t just a sports columnist, he’s a TV personality, Radio Host, Podcaster, and Guest on major Political Shows.

- Whitlock’s multiplatform presence and willingness to speal his mind solidify him as a major voice in today’s media landscape.

- Whitlock’s career started at the Kansas City Star but evolved with website launches like ESPN’s “The Undefeated” and website revivals like

- Whitlock’s commentary extends beyond sports, addressing broader themes like American patriotism and his Christian faith.

- Whether on TV with Colin Cowherd or on Fox News, Whitlock’s willingness to challenge viewpoints, especially on race and social media, creates fiery debate.

- Whitlock’s belief in self-reliance and personal responsibility reflects the philosophy of Booker T. Washington.

- Whether loved or hated, Whitlock’s charisma and unique perspective captivate audiences, sparking conversation and challenging assumptions.