Where is Luxembourg Located ?

Which country is Luxembourg in - The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - a small country landlocked by Belgium, France and Germany

Why is Luxembourg so famous - Luxembourg is a developed country with an advanced economy and one of the world's highest GDP (PPP) 

Is Luxembourg expensive to live -  The capital of the state, the city of Luxembourg, ranks 52 out of 227 cities in the cost of living survey by the Mercer company.  

What is the religion of Luxembourg - As of 2018, 73.2% of Luxembourg's population adhere to forms of Christianity

What is the climate in Luxembourg - Luxembourg is situated in a cool climate region since its annual average air temperature is below 15°C: 8.3°C for the reference period 1961-1990. 

How expensive is Luxembourg for tourists -  On average, you can expect to spend around €100-150 per day (equivalent to $110-165) in Luxembourg. 

Is Luxembourg expensive for Indians  - The rental prices range from €1000 to up to €6000 depending on the area and the size of the rental.