Atlantis The Royal Dubai: The Best Paradise Unveiled – 2023

We love to share the amazing information about  Atlantis The Royal Dubai, where opulence meets peace, where every moment is a memory, and where paradise finds its home.

You are curious to know more about this Island resort?We set out on a journey to explore the fascinating world of Atlantis The Royal, the gem of Dubai that beckons travellers to the pinnacle of relaxation, adventure and indulgence.

Welcome to Atlantis The Royal Dubai

Atlantis The Royal Dubai is an exquisite resort which is at shores of the Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s most iconic and spectacular man-made islands. This luxurious destination is located in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, offering guests the breathtaking backdrop of the Arabian Gulf.



Atlantis The Royal Dubai graces the crescent of this palm-shaped island it offering guests not only a sense of exclusivity but also stunning views of the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf on one side and Dubai’s skyline on the other .It is provides convenient access to Dubai’s key attractions, including the city’s vibrant downtown, shopping districts, cultural venues and entertainment hotspots.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure or a mix of both, Atlantis The Royal Dubai’s location in the heart of this dynamic and cosmopolitan city sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

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Chapter 1: A Royal Arrival

The journey from Dubai International Airport to Atlantis Dubai takes approximately 45 minutes depending on traffic conditions. As you exit the airport, you will get your first glimpse of Dubai’s impressive skyline and modern infrastructure.

Driving on Sheikh Zayed Road, you will reach the iconic Palm Jumeirah. This man-made island, shaped like a palm tree, is home to some of Dubai’s most prestigious resorts and residences. Atlantis Royal Dubai graces the crescent of Palm Jumeirah, offering panoramic views of the Arabian Atlantis The Royal Dubai
Gulf and Dubai’s urban landscape.


Arrival at Atlantis The Royal Dubai

As you approach the resort, you will be greeted by the grandeur of the entrance to The Royal Dubai – a spectacular glass atrium that spans the entire height of the building. The breathtaking view of falling waterfalls and lush greenery sets the tone for your wonderful stay.

Imagine being welcomed into a world of opulence as soon as you step onto the property. Atlantis Royal Dubai is renowned for its grand entrance, featuring a breathtaking glass atrium that spans the entire height of the building. This massive marvel welcomes you with cascading waterfalls, lush greenery and an ambiance that is nothing short of mesmerizing.


From the moment you check-in, the warm and friendly staff make you feel like royalty, ensuring that every detail of your stay has been thoughtfully arranged. The check-in process is smooth and efficient, creating an atmosphere for a stress-free and enjoyable vacation.

Chapter 2: A Residence Fit for Royalty

Atlantis The Royal Dubai is a collection of luxurious residences that cater to all tastes and preferences. From luxurious rooms to extraordinary suites, each one is designed to offer the utmost comfort and relaxation.

The Grand Suite:

Imagine waking up to breathtaking panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf as you wake up from your private terrace. The Grand Suite at The Royal Dubai offers this and more. With separate living and dining areas, a lavish bathroom with a deep soaking tub and access to exclusive benefits, it is a paradise of sophistication.

Underwater suites:

If you are looking for a unique experience, the underwater suites will leave you spellbound. These unique suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the Ambassador Lagoon, which is home to more than 65,000 marine animals. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping under the sea, and that’s an experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Terrace Suite:

For those who desire space and privacy, the Terrace Suite offers a peaceful retreat. These suites come with a panoramic terrace, a private plunge pool and breath-taking views of the Dubai skyline.

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Chapter 3: A Culinary Odyssey

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey unlike any other. Atlantis The Royal has a range of world-class restaurants to suit every taste. From Mediterranean cuisine to Asian fusion cuisine, you will enjoy delicious dishes.

  • Nobu: Famous for its blend of Japanese and Peruvian flavours, Nobu at Atlantis offers an exquisite dining experience. Enjoy signature dishes like Black Cod Miso and Yellowtail Jalapeno while enjoying stunning ocean views.
  • Hakkasan: Prepare to be mesmerized by the flavors of Cantonese cuisine at Hakkasan. This Michelin-starred restaurant combines traditional cuisine with a modern twist, making it a dining experience that is as stunning to look at as it is delicious.
  • Katsuya: If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, then Katsuya is a must visit. From carefully crafted sushi rolls to delicious robata dishes, this restaurant offers a contemporary take on classic Japanese flavors.
  • Aymana: Embark on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean in Aymana. Enjoy dishes inspired by the region’s rich culinary heritage while enjoying live entertainment and a lively atmosphere.

Chapter 4: Aquatic Adventures

One of the most iconic features of Atlantis The Royal Dubai is its Aquaventure Waterpark. Are you ready to make a splash and create amazing memories with your family.

Thrill Rides

For adrenaline lovers, there are heart-pounding water slides that will make you scream with excitement. Leap of Faith, Poseidon’s Revenge and Shark Attack are some of the thrilling rides that await.


Relaxation and Tranquility

If you prefer a more relaxing experience, relax on the lazy river or take a leisurely swim in the waterpark’s pristine waterways. You can also relax on the private beach, where soft white sand and blue waters invite you to relax.

Interact with Marine Life

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with marine life at Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion Point. Swim with dolphins or get up close and personal with playful sea lions. It is an experience that will touch your heart.

Chapter 5: Health and Relaxation

After a day of adventure, it’s time to rejuvenate your body and mind. Atlantis offers a world-class spa and wellness center where you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience.

  • The Royal Spa: Step into a realm of tranquility at The Royal Spa. With a wide range of treatments and therapies, you can choose the right way to relax. From massages to facials, the skilled therapists will pamper you to your heart’s content.
  • As soon as you step into the Royal Spa, you enter a realm of peace and indulgence. This world-class spa is designed to provide guests with a unique wellness experience. The atmosphere itself is soothing, with cool colors and subtle lighting that create an atmosphere of relaxation from the moment you arrive.
  • Spa Treatments and Therapies: The Royal Spa offers an extensive menu of spa treatments and therapies, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Balinese massage to unwind, a revitalizing facial to rejuvenate your skin, or a body scrub to invigorate your senses, the The skilled therapists at Royal Spa will assist you.
  • Signature Treatments: A highlight of The Royal Spa is its signature treatments, each carefully crafted to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. The “Royal Hammam” is a must try, it takes inspiration from traditional Moroccan hammams and uses luxurious products to exfoliate and hydrate your skin.
  • Hydrotherapy Pool: The hydrotherapy pools at the Royal Spa are designed to relax your muscles and promote overall well-being. Immerse yourself in hot, boiling water, and let the jets wash away stress and tension.
  • Fitness Center: Stay on top of your fitness routine in the state-of-the-art fitness center. Equipped with the latest equipment and expert trainers, it is the ideal place for your workout while enjoying the spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf.
  • Maintaining your fitness routine while traveling is easy at the fitness center at Atlantis The Royal Dubai. The gym is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah.
  • Personal Training: If you prefer personal fitness guidance, Atlantis offers personal training sessions. Expert trainers can tailor workouts to suit your fitness level and goals, ensuring you stay on track even while on holiday.
  • Group Classes: The resort also offers a variety of group fitness classes, including yoga, Pilates, and spinning, so you can stay active while enjoying the company of fellow guests.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Finding inner peace amid the bustling city of Dubai is easy at Atlantis. The resort offers yoga and meditation sessions in a serene environment, providing a serene escape from daily stress.
  • Beach Yoga: Imagine practicing yoga on the soft white sand of the resort’s private beach as the gentle sounds of the ocean create a tranquil backdrop.
  • Sunset Meditation: As the sun sinks below the horizon, join a guided meditation session to clear your mind and rejuvenate your soul. It is a magical experience that promotes relaxation and mindfulness.

Chapter 6: Entertainment and Nightlife

  • The entertainment options at Atlantis are nothing short of spectacular.
    Wavehouse: This family-friendly venue combines dining, gaming, and live entertainment. Enjoy a meal, play arcade games, or watch a live performance – all in one place.
  • Food: Enjoy a delicious meal at one of The Wavehouse’s restaurants, which offer a variety of cuisine including American classics and Italian favourites.
  • Arcade Games: Challenge your family and friends to a friendly competition with a range of arcade games, including classic favorites and cutting-edge attractions.
  • Live Performances: Wavehouse frequently hosts live performances, featuring talented musicians and entertainers who create a lively atmosphere.
  • White Beach: If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife scene, visit White Beach. This beach club hosts world-renowned DJs and offers a lively atmosphere where you can dance the night away under the stars.
  • For those who want to dance the night away or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere, White Beach is the perfect place. As one of the premier beach clubs in Dubai, it offers a vibrant nightlife experience.
  • World-Famous DJs: White Beach hosts world-renowned DJs who set the stage for unforgettable nights of dance and music.
  • Beachside Vibes: The Beach Club’s stylish design and comfortable seating arrangements create the ideal ambiance for sipping cocktails and socializing with fellow guests.
  • Spectacular Fireworks Views: On special occasions, White Beach treats guests to dazzling fireworks displays that light up the night sky, adding a touch of magic to your evening.
  • Nobu Bar & Lounge: Chic and elegant
  • Nobu Bar & Lounge is the place to enjoy sophisticated cocktails and a chic ambiance. Whether you prefer a classic martini or a signature mix, Nobu’s skilled mixologists have you covered.
  • Cocktail Selection: The bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, including creative and artfully crafted options that are as tempting to look at as they are delicious.
  • Live Entertainment: Enjoy live music and entertainment that complements the upscale setting, making it an ideal choice for a sophisticated evening.


Chapter 7: The World of Shopping

No luxury resort is complete without expensive shopping, and Atlantis The Royal Dubai is no exception. Explore the Royal Plaza for a shopping experience that includes high-end boutiques, designer brands and unique souvenirs to remember your stay by.

A dream come true

Atlantis Royal Dubai is a testament to human creativity and the limitless possibilities of luxury and relaxation. From its royal entrance to its culinary delights, aquatic adventures, wellness experiences and world-class entertainment, it is a paradise that exceeds expectations.


Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or both, Atlantis The Royal Dubai is the destination where dreams come true. Travel and discover a world of richness and wonder located in the heart of Dubai. Your journey to heaven is waiting.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where is Atlantis The Royal Dubai located?
– Atlantis Royal Dubai is located on the Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s iconic man-made islands overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

2. How do I get to Atlantis The Royal Dubai from the airport?
– The resort is approximately a 45-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. Guests can arrange for airport transfers or use the taxi services readily available at the airport.

3. What types of accommodation are available at Atlantis The Royal Dubai?
– Atlantis Royal Dubai offers a range of luxurious accommodation including rooms, suites, underwater suites and terrace suites.

4. Is there a dress code for the resort’s restaurants and bars?
– While there is no strict dress code for most restaurants during the day, guests are expected to dress smart-casual for dinner at the resort’s fine dining restaurants.

5. What are the check-in and check-out times at Atlantis The Royal Dubai?
– Check-in time is generally 3:00 pm, and check-out time is 12:00 pm. Early check-in and late check-out options may be available upon request.

6. Is Atlantis The Royal Dubai suitable for families with children?
– Absolutely! The resort offers a wide range of family-friendly activities including Aquaventure Waterpark, Dolphin Bay and The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

7. Can I book tickets for Aquaventure Waterpark in advance?
– Yes, it is advised to book your Aquaventure Waterpark tickets in advance to secure your entry and avoid long lines at the ticket counter.

8. Are there spa and wellness options at Atlantis The Royal Dubai?
– Yes, the Royal Spa offers a variety of spa treatments, massages and wellness experiences to help guests relax and rejuvenate.

9. Can I swim with dolphins at Atlantis The Royal Dubai?
– Yes, you can enjoy the Dolphin Bay experience, which allows you to interact with dolphins and swim with them under the guidance of experienced trainers.

10. Does the resort have non-water activities for those who cannot swim?
– Yes, the resort offers many non-water activities, including shopping at The Royal Plaza, entertainment at The Wavehouse, and access to the fitness center.

11. Is there a private beach at Atlantis The Royal Dubai?
– Yes, the resort has a stunning private beach where guests can relax, sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf.

12. Are there vegetarian and vegan food options in the resort’s restaurants?
– Yes, most of the resort’s restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan menu options to cater to a variety of dietary preferences.

13. What currency is accepted at Atlantis The Royal Dubai?
– The official currency in Dubai is the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), and it is the primary currency accepted at the resort. Major credit cards are also widely accepted.

14. Is Atlantis The Royal Dubai wheelchair accessible?
– Yes, the resort is wheelchair accessible, and special accommodations can be made for guests with mobility needs.

15. Can I arrange tours and excursions through the resort concierge?
– Yes, the resort concierge can assist you in arranging various tours and excursions to explore Dubai attractions and experiences outside the resort.

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