Dubai Events Calendar for 2024 The Cheerful Detail Guide

Dubai Events Calendar for 2024: Dubai synonymous with luxury and grandeur is gearing up for a grand year in 2024. From cultural festivals to sporting extravaganzas Dubai’s calendar of events promises a year full of entertainment innovation and unique experiences.

New experiences emerge every month inviting residents and visitors to be part of a vibrant tapestry of cultural sporting events and artistic celebrations. Let’s begin a month-by-month journey through the events that will define Dubai events calendar for 2024.

Dubai 2024 event calander
Dubai 2024                                                        Dubai Events Calendar for 2024

Dubai Events in January 2024

As the New Year arrives Dubai welcomes January with the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival turning the city into a shoppers’ paradise.

Dubai Shopping Festival(DSF)

Start the year with a purchase at the globally renowned DSF. Enjoy mega sales entertainment and dazzling fireworks and turn Dubai into a shoppers’ paradise.

From dazzling retail experiences to live entertainment this month sets the tone for a year of grand celebrations.

Date: January 1 – January 31 2024
Location: Various locations across Dubai

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Gride Race in Dubai – The Hankook 24H dubai

Live Statge  Show – Paw Petro Fest

Comedy Show – Michael Mclntyre World Tour

Golf Tournament – Dubai Desert Classic

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Dubai Events in February 2024

  • Valentine’s Day:Love In The Air

Valentine’s Day in Dubai is not just about a romantic dinner. The city hosts events like the Dubai Food Festival where culinary delights blend with the enchanting atmosphere creating an epic paradise for locals and visitors.

Date: 14th Feb 2024

Click here for event and place for Valentine’s Day

  • Emirates Airline Literature Festival

Immerse yourself in a celebration of words and ideas at the region’s largest literary festival. Meet famous authors attend workshops and discover the magic of literature.

Date: February 4 – February 9 2024
Venue: Inter Continental Hotel Dubai Festival City

Dubai 2024 event calander
Dubai Events Calendar for 2024
  • Dubai Duty-free Tennis Championship

Date: 1- Feb – 4 March

Venue: Dubai Duty Free Stadium

Other Sport Event in Dubai in 2024 

  • Dubai Polo Gold Cup – Al Habtoor Polo
  • The Panthom Of The Opera – At Dubai Opera

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Dubai Events in March 2024

March sees the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature a celebration of words ideas and storytelling.

Literary luminaries and enthusiasts gather for a week-long exploration of the written word making March a month of intellectual and cultural enrichment.

Holi Event in Dubai

Holi Event is Scheduled for March 25 in 2024, in Dubai are expected to begin early this year, as it coincides with the holy month of Ramadan.

Best Place to Celebrate Holi 2024 in Dubai

AKS Color Carnival 2024

Date: Saturday, March 2, 2024, 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Holi Masti 2024

Date: Sunday, March 3, 2024, starting at 10:00 am

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Art Dubai

Witness the convergence of global artistic talent at Art Dubai. Explore contemporary art exhibitions engage with artists and experience the cultural diversity of the art world.

Date: March 15 – March 18 2024
Location: Madinat Jumeirah

Dubai Challenge Cup

If you really interested in Polo Sport, Don’t miss this Sporting event in Dubai 2024.

Date: March 11 – March 18 2024
Location: Al Haboor Polo

Comedy Show with Kevin HartCoca cola Arena

Dubai Events in April 2024

Dubai 2024 event calander
Dubai Events Calendar for 2024

April brings engines roaring with the Dubai World Cup one of the richest horse races globally.

A perfect blend of elegance and adrenaline the event attracts the top people from the racing world making it a must-attend event for sports lovers.

Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)

Connect with film lovers from around the world at DIFF. Experience premieres screenings and discussions showcasing the best of international cinema.

Date: April 10 – April 15 2024

Location: Various cinemas across Dubai

Eid Public Holiday

Eid can be the first holiday after New Year’s celebration in Dubai 2024

Get into the spirit of Ramadan with Iftar feasts cultural programs and traditional celebrations. The month ends with joyous Eid celebrations.

Date: April 10 – April 13 2024

Location: Eid celebrate  across Dubai with Fireworks and Special Deals in

Dubai Events in May 2024

Music in the Air

The Dubai Opera Festival begins in May treating residents and visitors to a symphony of sounds.From classical to contemporary the festival celebrates the universal language of music making Dubai a hub of melody and harmony.

Dubai Events in June 2024

Innovation and Technology Showcase

Dubai hosts the annual GITEX Technology Week in June a global gathering of technology innovators and enthusiasts.The event showcases the latest advancements in technology making Dubai a hotspot for digital innovation.

Dubai Summer Surprise 

Beat the heat with DSS featuring incredible shopping discounts family fun and exciting events for all ages.

Date: June 10 – August 10 2024

Location: Various locations across Dubai

Dubai Events in July 2024

Family Fun Festival

Dubai Summer Surprise begins in July transforming the city into a playground of family-friendly activities Shopping promotions and entertainment. Beat the summer heat with exciting events for all ages.

Start of Dubai Fitness Challenge

Description: Embark on a citywide fitness journey with the launch of the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Join residents and visitors in a month-long commitment to health and wellness.

Date: July 1 2024
Location: Citywide

Dubai Events in August 2024

Cooking Joy

As the temperatures rise so does the culinary scene with Dubai Restaurant Week.

Top chefs and food lovers unite to celebrate gastronomic excellence offering a delectable experience for food lovers.

Dubai International Comedy Carnival

Dubai 2024 event calander
Dubai Events Calendar for 2024

Laugh your heart out at the Comedy Carnival featuring world-class comedians and hilarious performances that promise a month of non-stop laughs.

Date: August 15 – August 18 2024
Location: Dubai World Trade Center

Dubai Events in September 2024

Artistic Showcase

September welcomes the Dubai International Film Festival a cinematic extravaganza that puts Dubai on the global film map.

From red carpet premieres to thought-provoking documentaries the event is a feast for film lovers.

  • Dubai Fashion Week

Witness the fusion of style and innovation at Dubai Fashion Week. Renowned designers and emerging talents will showcase their latest creations in the city’s cutting-edge design district.

Date: September 10 – September 15 2024
Location: Dubai Design District (D3)

Dubai Events in October 2024

  • October: Sea Magic

The Dubai International Boat Show takes center stage in October transforming the city’s waterfront into a nautical paradise.

Discover the latest in boats marine equipment and water sports making it a paradise for marine enthusiasts.

Dubai Food Festival: Dubai Events Calendar for 2024

Enjoy your taste buds at the Dubai Food Festival. From lip-smacking delicacies to extraordinary street food delights this city will be a culinary paradise for foodies.

Date: October 5 – October 12 2024
Location: Various locations across Dubai

Dubai Events in November 2024

Aviation Excellence

The Dubai Airshow held in November is a treat for aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals. The skies of Dubai have become a canvas for air shows showcasing cutting-edge aviation technology.

Dubai Design Week – Dubai Events Calendar 2024

Immerse yourself in the world of design at Dubai Design Week.

Experience exhibitions installations and discussions that showcase the city’s commitment to creativity and innovation.

Date: November 15 – November 20 2024
Location: Various locations including Dubai Design District and Downtown Dubai

Dubai Events in December 2024

Dubai 2024 event calander
Dubai Events Calendar for 2024

The year concludes with the Dubai Shopping Festival turning December into a month of festive lights holiday cheer and unique shopping experiences.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

Let the rhythm take over at the Dubai International Jazz Festival. World-class musicians and jazz lovers will gather for unforgettable performances under the stars.

Date: December 7 – December 10 2024
Venue: Dubai Media City Amphitheater

Dubai’s calendar of events for 2024 is testament to the city’s commitment to excellence innovation and entertainment.

As the year progresses Dubai is cementing its position as a global hub for events and experiences with every corner of this dynamic city offering something for everyone.


Here is a hypothetical FAQ section for the Dubai events calendar in 2024. Please note that the events and details provided are purely hypothetical and should be adjusted based on actual and accurate information as it becomes available.

Q: What are the main events happening in Dubai in 2024?
A: Dubai is set to host a wide variety of events in 2024 including cultural festivals fashion weeks food festivals and international festivals. Stay tuned for the official event calendar unveiling as the date approaches.

Q: When will the official Dubai events calendar for 2024 be released?
A: The official Dubai events calendar for 2024 is usually released well in advance usually a few months before the start of the year. Keep an eye on the official Dubai Tourism website and local news sources for the latest information.

Q: Are there any major international festivals scheduled in Dubai in 2024?
A: Dubai is known for hosting various international festivals. Although specific details for 2024 have not yet been announced you can expect a diverse lineup that may include film festivals concerts and cultural celebrations.

Q: How can I stay informed about the latest happenings in Dubai in 2024?
A: To stay informed about the latest developments in Dubai for 2024 regularly visit the official Dubai Tourism website subscribe to newsletters and follow the official social media channels. Additionally local news outlets and event organizers often share timely updates.

Q: Are there any family-friendly events planned for 2024 in Dubai?
A: Dubai is committed to providing family-friendly entertainment. Although specific events for 2024 have yet to be revealed the city typically hosts family-oriented festivals fireworks displays and cultural events suitable for all ages.

Q: Can I buy tickets in advance for Dubai Events Calendar in 2024?
A: Yes many events in Dubai offer the option to purchase tickets in advance. Once the event is officially announced you can usually find ticket information on the respective event websites or through authorized ticketing platforms.

Q: Are any sporting events scheduled in Dubai in 2024?
A: Dubai is a hub for sports lovers and various sporting events are expected in 2024. These may include international tournaments marathons and other athletic competitions. Details will be available closer to the event dates.

Q: How can I participate or volunteer at Dubai Events Calendar in 2024?
A: If you are interested in attending or volunteering at events in Dubai keep an eye on the official event websites and social media channels. They often provide information about how to join closer to the event dates.

Q: Will there be COVID-19 safety measures in place for events taking place in Dubai in 2024?
A: The safety and well-being of attendees is a priority. Event organizers and local authorities are likely to implement COVID-19 safety measures as per the prevailing situation. As events approach stay updated on guidance from official sources.

Q: Can I suggest an event to be included in the Dubai Events Calendar for 2024?
A: Event tips are generally regulated by local authorities and event organizers. Although there may not be a direct public submission process you can stay informed about any open calls for events or announcements through official channels.

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