Dubai Water Taxi ,Tickets Rates and Stations Your Complete Guide 2024

If you think that commuting in Dubai is limited to roads and railways only, think again! Find a traffic-free way to get around the city with Dubai water taxi and water buses. In this our guide blogs, we’ll explore these aquatic options in detail, which offer not only efficient transportation but also stunning views of Dubai’s unique places.

Dubai Water Taxi & Bus
Dubai Water Taxi & Bus

Sea transport in Dubai

Are you excited to travel by traffic free roads with very peacefully? Here is the most authentic way to travel by Dubai Water Taxi. Recent developments have introduced man-made canals and natural waterways throughout Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has taken advantage of this to provide various marine transport options that are not only economical but also a natural delight for both residents and tourists.

Traditional Abra Boats and Dubai Ferries

A. Abra Boats: These traditional wooden boats cruise the Dubai Creek, offering a fascinating way to see old Dubai.
B.Dubai Ferries: With a capacity of 100 passengers, the modern ferry provides a breathtaking view of the city skyline from the beach.

Want to know about Dubai Water Taxi

What is this? Water taxis work just like a regular taxi but operate on Dubai’s waterways. It is designed for commuting rather than sightseeing. Each water taxi can seat up to 10 passengers and features individual LCD monitors. Is is very useful and cheap way for local people and the tourist what do you think?

Commute route for Dubai Water Ferry

Two zones with 44 stations, covering modern city landscapes such as Dubai Marina and heritage routes such as Dubai Creek. Official RAT website will help you to know the list of all station details.

Cost of Dubai Water Taxi

Everybody wants to know the fares first right. Water travel is not so costly. The tickets cost from AED 55 to AED 205 but it will depending on the distance you want travel. Water taxis can be hired at AED 400 per hour if you are travel in a group trips on the water.

You can book tickets by online or by email. The email id is:  or you can call on this  number of RTA which is completely free. You can also booked online from here RTA Tickets website 

Frequency of Dubai Water Taxi

It is very Flexible on-demand service from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM. (UAE Time Zone)

Dubai Water Bus

Dubai Water Taxi & Bus
Dubai Water Taxi & Bus

It is another modern water transport option, same as taxi, which operates exclusively in Dubai Marina.
We can say that it is a perfect for short distances between sightseeing spots. You will love the interior of Water bus with a facility of A/C. The maximum capacity of the passenger is only 20.

What are the routes?

Water buses are connects four locations in Dubai Marina: Marina Terraces, Marina Walk, Dubai Marina Mall and Marina Promenade.Future plans include extending a route to Blue Waters.

Cost of Water Bus

The fares can be paid using the Nol card, ranging from AED 3 to AED 11 for different routes as shown below:

AED 3 – Dubai Marina Mall to Marina Promenade

AED 3 – Dubai Marina Walk to Marina Terrance

AED 5 – Dubai Marina Walk to Marina Mall

AED 11 – Marina Promenade to Marina Terrance      

You can also booked online from here RTA Tickets website

Water buses Frequency

Water buses run every 15-20 minutes within Dubai Marina in four locations. The hours of operation vary from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 11:30 pm. (UAE Time Zone)

Tips for a memorable trip

Capture spectacular views by sailing at sunset or after dark. Enjoy the twinkling lights of the buildings and the bustling atmosphere along the promenade. There are many other water-based options:
If you’re looking for a more touristy experience, Dubai offers various boat tours beyond the tall buildings, providing spectacular views of the Palm Jumeirah and the city skyline. Various operators cater to sightseeing and leisure experiences on the open water in Dubai Marina.

Dubai Water Taxi & Bus
Dubai Water Taxi & Bus

Important Note – Wonder Bus:

Dubai Water Bus is separate from Wonder Bus, a private tour operator that offers 15-minute tours along Dubai Creek. Wonder Bus is not associated with public transportation.

Dubai’s water transport options offer more than just commuting; They provide a unique perspective of the beauty of the city. Whether you opt for a water taxi for an efficient journey or a water bus for a relaxing ride in Dubai Marina, these options ensure a memorable experience. As you plan your trip, consider the variety of sea transportation options, and set out on a beautiful adventure in the heart of Dubai.

Safe travels, and enjoy your Dubai water exploration!

Dubai Water Transport – FAQ

1.Hat type of water transport is available in Dubai?
A. Dubai offers water transport options such as traditional Abra boats, Dubai Ferries, water taxis and water buses.

2. What are Abra boats, and where do they operate?
A. Abra boats are traditional wooden boats that often travel on the Dubai Creek, providing a fascinating way to explore old Dubai.

3. What is the Dubai Ferry, and what sights does it offer?
A. Dubai Ferry is a modern ferry with a capacity of 100 passengers, which offers a breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline from the beach.

4. How does Dubai Water Taxi work?
A. Dubai Water Taxi operates just like a regular taxi but on the city’s waterways. It is mainly designed for commuting.

5. How many passengers can a Dubai Water Taxi accommodate?
A. Each water taxi can comfortably seat 10 passengers and features individual LCD monitors for all.

6. What routes do Dubai Water Taxis cover?
A. Water taxis run between the two zones, with 44 stations spread across the city. Zone 1 includes modern city views such as Dubai Marina, while Zone 2 includes heritage thoroughfares such as Dubai Creek.

7. How much does a Dubai Water Taxi ticket cost?
A. Ticket prices vary depending on the distance travelled, ranging from AED 55 to AED 205. Water taxis can also be hired for AED 400 per hour.

8. When do Dubai Water Taxis operate?
A. Dubai Water Taxis are flexible and operate on-demand only from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

9. What is Dubai Water Bus and where does it operate?

A. Dubai Water Bus is another modern water transport option operating in Dubai Marina.

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