Global Village Dubai 2024: A spectacular spectacle of cultures and entertainment

Hello Friends! Today, let’s dive into the vibrant tapestry of the Global Village in Dubai, a place where cultures dance, colors pop, and fun never takes a break. In this simple conversation, we’ll uncover the magic of the Global Village Dubai in 2024, sharing all the exciting details that make it a must-see destination.

What is Global Village Dubai?

Imagine a place where you could travel the world in one day – that’s the Global Village! It’s like a carnival, a market and a cultural festival rolled into one big ball of happiness. Now, let’s see what’s cooking at Global Village Dubai in 2024.

Global Village Dubai
Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai is an entertainment and cultural festival located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the region’s premier family and cultural destinations, offering a unique and immersive experience for visitors. Please note that there may have been changes or developments since my last update.

Miscellaneous pleasures:

Global Village is like a melting pot of cultures. You’ll find pavilions from different countries, each showcasing their unique traditions, crafts, and of course, delicious food. It’s a buffet of global awesomeness!

Entertainment Bonus:

“Global Village Dubai After Dark: Nightlife Delights in 2024”


Keep your excitement up because Global Village is not just about shopping and eating. There are amazing performances, live shows and concerts happening all the time. From traditional dances to modern tunes, it is an entertainment feast for all.

A lot of shopping:

All shopkeepers are being called! Global Village is a heaven for shoppers. Imagine strolling through market streets filled with stalls selling everything from handmade crafts to trendy fashion. Don’t forget to hone those bargaining skills!

Tasty treats:

Foodies, enjoy! Global Village serves a delicious global platter. From Indian chaat to Turkish kebabs, your taste buds are in for a treat. And, of course, there’s a dessert corner that’s sweeter than your sweetest dreams.

Thrill Ride:

For adrenaline lovers, the Global Village has its own fairground. Crazy rides, fun games and a Ferris wheel that gives you an amazing view of the entire colorful spectacle – it’s truly a joyride!

Global Village Dubai
Global Village Dubai

Key Features of Global Village Dubai 2024:

In 2024, Global Village is stepping up its game. Expect bigger shows, more pavilions and surprises around every corner. Whether you are interested in traditional art or the latest trends, Global Village Dubai in 2024 promises something for everyone.


Embark on an exciting tour at the Global Village, which features over 35 spacious pavilions providing an insight into the rich culture and heritage.

Immerse yourself in the authentic traditions, heritage and culinary delights of not only the UAE, but over 90 other countries.

Experience live award-winning cultural and stage performances, thrilling stunt shows, mesmerizing concerts and vibrant parades showcasing diverse cultures – it’s all included with your Global Village ticket.

Delight your taste buds with offerings from over 200 restaurants and cafés serving mouth-watering cuisine from around the world.

Global Village Dubai Ticket Price:

About Global Village Dubai Tickets:

Dubai Global Village is a vibrant cultural celebration where the world comes together, offering a wealth of experiences and entertainment at affordable ticket prices.
Book Global Village tickets for thrilling amusement rides, skill games and carnival games.

Park entry at Global Village Dubai has always been set at a very affordable price to encourage visitors from all parts of the Dubai community to join in.

Global Village Dubai
Global Village Dubai

However, prices have increased again in 2023-24 and there are some different prices to be aware of:

“Price” online (Sunday to Thursday) 22.5 AED
“All Day” Tickets TBC
tickets at the door tbc

Children under 3 years and over 65 years are free
Carnival rides and games come at additional cost; You can purchase a Wonder Pass in advance and add it to the credits for these rides.

Pre-purchase your Global Village tickets online


Additional Attractions at Global Village Dubai

“Beyond the Gates: Exploring Nearby Attractions from the Global Village”
There are several attractions within the park that now cost extra. Payment for these additional attractions can be made online in advance to avoid queuing for tickets and the need for contactless payment. TBC pricing for 2023-24 has not been released yet!

Harbor Force Stunt Show 15 AED
Replay Believe It Or Not 40 AED
Ripley’s Amazing Mirror Maze 30 AED
Ripley’s 4D Moving Theater 40 AED
Ripley’s Believe It or Not Grand Combo 75 AED

Global Village Dubai Timings:

Keep your calendars handy as Global Village is typically open from November to April. Time is favorable – usually starting from late afternoon till midnight. It is an ideal place to enjoy the evening atmosphere and twinkling lights.

Global Village Dubai
Global Village Dubai

Season 28 of Global Village Dubai opened on Wednesday October 18, 2023 and run until early April 2024.

Sunday to Thursday 4:00 pm to 12:00 am (last entry at 11:30 pm)
Friday and Saturday 4:00 pm to 1:00 am (last entry 12:30 pm)
Note that Tuesday is family night (unless it is a public holiday) which only women, children and direct male relatives can attend.

Must Know Before You Go for Global Village Tickets
Please bring a valid photo ID/passport with you as it is required to be displayed at the entrance.

Tips for visitors:

1. Comfort is key: Wear comfortable shoes because you will be doing a lot of exploring.
2. Go hungry: Seriously, come on an empty stomach – the food is so good!
3. See a show: Check the schedule of live performances and plan your trip around them.

For safety reasons, children must wear a safety wristband provided by the ticket booth and information kiosk.
Animals or pets are not allowed inside the Global Village.
Male and female guests must wear respectful attire (covered torso including shoulders and covered legs including knees) at all times.
Stunt show is not available on Tuesday.
Outside food and beverages will not be allowed inside the Global Village.
Guests can enjoy dining, souvenirs, shopping, rides at the Global Village at their own expense.
Last entry into the park is allowed only 30 minutes before the park closing time.
Guests will not be allowed on any type of wheels (rollers, skateboards, hoverboards, bicycles, tricycles) inside the Global Village.

On Tuesday, only families and women will be allowed inside the Global Village as this day is exclusively dedicated to them. The only exception is when a public holiday falls on Tuesday.
Global Village Ticket Overview

Activity Location: 3895+466, Syrian Village, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, Exit 37, E311, Dubai

Activity time:

Sunday to Wednesday: 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Thursday to Saturday: 4:00 pm to 1:00 am
Activity Duration: 5-7 hours (approximately)

So, there you have it – Global Village Dubai in 2024, a celebration of cultures, colors and pure joy. Whether you’re with family, friends, or flying solo, it’s an experience that will leave your heart full of memories and a bag full of goodies. Happy globetrotting!


Global Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

38C5+H99 Dubai – United Arab Emirates

You will find Global Village Dubai just off the E311 Freeway in Dubai – Exit 37 from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

How to reach there:

By Car/Cab: The activity location is 27 km from Dubai City Centre. You can reach the destination within 30 minutes by car.

By Bus: Activity location Vasal is at a distance of 32.8 km from the terminus. From there you can reach Nahda Street stop which is nearest to the destination, from there it is only 349 meters away, a 6 minutes walk.

Frequently Asked Question: (FAQ)

1. Question: When will Global Village Dubai 2024 open?
A: Global Village generally opens from November to April. The exact dates for 2024 can be checked closer to the season.

2. Question: What is the time of Global Village Dubai in 2024?
A: Normal time is late afternoon to midnight. It is advisable to check the official website for specific hours.

3. Question: Is there an entry fee for Global Village Dubai?
Answer: Yes, Global Village usually has an entry fee. Prices vary for adults and children, and special packages may be available.

4. Question: Can I buy tickets online for Global Village 2024?
Answer: Yes, online ticketing is often available for convenience. Visitors can purchase tickets through the official website or authorized platforms.

5. Question: What kind of entertainment can I expect in the Global Village in 2024?
A: Global Village offers a diverse range of entertainment, including live shows, concerts, cultural performances and thrill rides at the fairgrounds.

6. Question: Is Global Village suitable for families with children?
A: Of course! Global Village has a dedicated Kids Kingdom with family-friendly attractions, making it an ideal destination for families.

7. Question: Are there any COVID-19 safety measures at Global Village?
A: Global Village generally implements various safety measures, including sanitizing stations and crowd management. See official guidelines for specific details.

8. Question: Can I get international cuisine at the Global Village?
Answer: Yes, Global Village is known for its diverse food options. Visitors can enjoy a global culinary experience with a wide range of international cuisine.

9. Question: What are the must-see pavilions in Global Village 2024?
A: Must-see pavilions vary depending on personal interests, but popular pavilions often include pavilions from different countries showcasing unique traditions and crafts.

10. Question: Is Global Village accessible to people with disabilities?
A: Global Village aims to be inclusive and provide facilities including ramps and accessible pathways for people with disabilities. Check with the information desk for specific assistance.

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