Your Simple Guide to Rent a Bike in Dubai 2024

Looking for Extra fun or want to save time or want to save money rent a bike in Dubai is always a good option for every human right? Are you resident of UAE or not, even you are tourist in Dubai and struggling with rush hour traffic congestion and rising fuel prices? Well, there is a healthier, faster and cheaper alternative – cycling! Let’s find out everything you need to know about renting a bike in Dubai.

First things first – there are different types of bikes available. Which one will suit you? Let’s discuss your bike rental options in Dubai.

Rent a bike in dubai
Rent a bike in dubai

Choosing your bike on rent

If you have decided to go and explore the vibrant street of Dubai on a bike there is a excellent choice! But before you hit the pedals, you should know which type of bike you can ride easily.A perfect bike for Dubai adventure offers three main types of bikes:

1. Touring bike: Ideal for short trips or multi day adventures, It come with baskets for your luggage. Comfortable, sturdy and suitable for all experience levels.

2. Sports/Track Bikes: If you want excitement, these bikes are designed for speed, acceleration, and high performance. Perfect for visiting the biking tracks in Dubai.

3. Desert Bike: For an authentic desert safari experience, ride a fat tire bike through the sand. Ideal for sailing and enjoying the attractions of the desert.

Now let’s talk about the rules of cycling in Dubai. You don’t want to spoil your biking fun with fines, right?

Rules for Rent a Bike in Dubai

Whether you own a bike or are renting one, here are some important rules to follow:

> Make sure your bike has a main headlight, red rear light and reflector.
> Stay on the right side of the road while cycling.
> Avoid riding on sidewalks designated for pedestrians.
> Keep your speed less than 30 km/h.
> One rider per bike, unless it is designed for two people, like a tandem bike.
> Helmets are strongly recommended, especially on designated bike tracks.
> Keep both hands on the handlebar until there is a turn signal.
> Cycle in a single file and avoid zigzag movements.

Now that you know the rules, let’s get to the exciting part – renting a bike in Dubai!

How to Rent a Tourist Bike in Dubai

If you’re ready to explore Dubai by bike, check out two popular ebike rental operators in the city:

1. Bikey:

> Simple process – Simply provide a document as identity proof, and you are ready to go.
> Locations: 7 stations across Dubai, including Dubai Marina, Creek Park and JBR The Beach.
> Rental fee: Starting from 20 AED for 30 minutes, different rates for different types of bikes.

2. Kareem Bike:

> Convenient app>based system – Download the Careem Bike app and set up an account.
> Locations: More than 80 stations in tourist hotspots such as Jumeirah Beach and Downtown Dubai, increasing to 175.
> Rental Fees: Subscription plans ranging from 1 day to 1 year, daily and weekly packages are available for tourists.

For those looking for a professional high-end bike, consider these shops:

> Wolfie’s Bike Shop on Sheikh Zayed Road
> Trek Bike Shop for Al Qudra Track
> Cycle Hub at Dubai Autodrome and Jumeirah 1
> F1Stride for Al Qudra Track, offering a variety of bikes from entry level to professional level.

Where to cycle in Dubai

Rent a bike in dubai
Rent a bike in dubai

For family-friendly cycling destinations, check out these parks:

1. Al Barsha Park: A family>friendly park with a 1500 meter cycling track.

2. Mushrif Park: Cycle through gentle dunes on a 4.5km loop track.

3. Dubai Water Canal: Enjoy the 6.4km cycling track with beautiful waterfront views.

For an adventurous twist, explore these bike track and mountain biking spots:

4. Palm Jumeirah: A scenic 11.6 kilometer long outdoor crescent ride past the luxurious resort hotels.

5. Al Qudra Cycling Track: A desert track with routes ranging from 18 to 50 kilometers.

6. Nad Al Sheba Track: Overlooking the city, offering 4km, 6km and 8km loops.

7. Dubai Autodrome: 2.46 km closed circuit, lit for night riding.

Mountain Biking in Dubai

For off-road enthusiasts, try these mountain biking spots:

1. Hatta: A mountain with 52 km of biking trails for professionals.

2. Ras Al Khaimah Bike Tracks: Tracks like Shoka, Yalla Pump and Wormhole for technical cycling.

3. Fat Biking in Dubai: Experience fat biking across the desert dunes as part of the Dubai Desert Safari.

Essentials for cycling in Dubai

Rent a bike in dubai
Rent a bike in dubai

To ensure a safe cycling experience, have these items with you:

> helmet
> Water bottle
> sunscreen
> Identification
> Breakfast
> portable pump
> Maps app for navigation

Now you are all set to pick up a bike and explore the wonderful city of Dubai on two wheels! Happy cycling!

Bike Rental in Dubai – Answers to your frequently asked questions!

1. Q: Where can I rent a bike in Dubai?

Answer: You have great options! BYKY and Careem Bikes are popular options. BYKY has stations across Dubai, including Dubai Marina, Creek Park, JBR The Beach and more. Careem Bikes offers a convenient app-based rental system with multiple stations across the city.

2. Question: What types of bikes are available for rent?

Answer: Dubai has it all! Touring bikes for comfortable rides, sports/track bikes for thrill seekers, and desert bikes for sandy adventures. Each has a different purpose, so choose the one that best suits your interests!

3. Question: What are the rules for cycling in Dubai?

Answer: The simple and important rules include having proper lights on your bike, staying on the right side of the road, avoiding footpaths, keeping your speed below 30 km/h and using a helmet for safety. Follow these, and you’re good to go!

4. Question: Can I ride a bike on the footpaths of Dubai?

Answer: Can’t! Footpaths are reserved for pedestrians. Stay on the road and enjoy a smooth ride.

5. Question: Is helmet mandatory for renting a bike?

A: While strongly recommended for street riders, helmets are required on designated bike tracks. Safety always comes first!

6. Q: How do I rent a bike from BYKY?

A: Easy peasy! Simply provide a document for identity verification, and you’re ready to roll. No need for app registration or online payments – simplicity at its best!

7. Question: How much is the fare for Careem Bike?

Answer: Careem Bikes offers flexible subscription plans ranging from 1 day to 1 year. Daily and weekly packages are tourist-friendly, priced at 20 AED and 50 AED respectively. You can extend your rental by a month for 75 AED or go with the annual plan for 420 AED.

8. Question: Where are the best places to cycle in Dubai?

A: Check out family-friendly parks like Al Barsha Park, take a ride on the sandy paths of Mushrif Park, or enjoy waterfront views at the Dubai Water Canal. For a little more adventure, try the Palm Jumeirah scenic route or visit a dedicated track like the Al Qudra Cycling Track.

9. Question: Can I rent professional high-end bikes in Dubai?

Answer: Absolutely! Check out shops like Wolfie Bike Shop, Trek Bike Shop, The Cycle Hub, and F1Stride for alloy road bikes, carbon road bikes, e-bikes, and more.

10. Question: What should I have when cycling in Dubai?

Answer: Essential items include a helmet, water bottle, sunscreen, your ID, a handful

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