Explore The Top Things To Do In Dubai Mall 2023

Dubai Mall, the heart of retail therapy in the desert metropolis, isn’t your average shopping destination.I hope you ready to embark your journey with us in to exploring the Biggest Mall in the world, The Dubai Mall.

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall 2023

Explore  the Dubai Mall ? 

It’s a bustling epicenter of entertainment, dining, and adventure, where curiosity and excitement intertwine to create unforgettable experiences. Beyond this, its main impressive neighbor – The Burj Khalifa is one of the top most attractions in the marvel city of UAE.

Retail Therapy like No Other

First things first, Dubai Mall is a shopper’s haven. There are lots of things to do in Dubai Mall; The Mall has over 1,200 outlets, offering everything from high-end fashion brands to unique souvenirs. Whether you’re looking for the latest designer trends or discovering unique treasures, this mall has it all. And let’s not forget the sheer scale of this place; You may need a map to navigate its extensive offerings!

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall 2023

“Burj Khalifa: The Tall Tail of Dubai!”

Burj Khalifa is located in the center of Dubai, near Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain. Once you reach Dubai Mall, head towards the entrance of Burj Khalifa. The building is easily visible from the exterior of the mall.

Check opening times and ticket availability on the official Burj Khalifa website or through a trusted ticket provider. Once you reach the top, take your time to enjoy the breathtaking views of Dubai. Observation decks offer panoramic views of the city, desert and coastline. Burj Khalifa also features interactive displays and information about its construction and the city of Dubai. Take some time to visit these exhibitions.

So, when you’re in Dubai, don’t forget to look up, up, up – because that’s where the fun is!

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

Take a deep dive into wonder at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, the must things do in Dubai Mall right within the mall’s premises.

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

Here, you’ll stand with mesmerizing sea creatures. It’s like stepping into the pages of a National Geographic magazine, and you’ll find yourself wondering how they fit an ocean’s worth of awe inside a shopping mall.

If you don’t have enough time to spent or running out of you budget you can view the beauty of aquarium with the big suspended tank  from the middle of the mall no need to go inside!

Things to do in Dubai Mall –  Ski Dubai

The best place where funny things do in Dubai Mall with family!

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Ski Dubai beckons. Imagine strapping on skis or a snowboard and carving your way down actual snowy slopes – indoors! It’s the kind of exhilaration you’d expect at a ski resort, except you’re surrounded by the warmth of Dubai’s hospitality.

Things to do in Dubai Mall –  KidZania

Curious little minds find their calling at KidZania, a particular place where small hand can know what joy things do to in Dubai mall for them, a mini city designed just for kids. They can explore careers as firefighters, doctors, chefs, and even pilots. It’s a place where education meets excitement, and children step into a world of imagination.

Your child and you can’t imagine the well speeded time in KidZania, it’s probably ideal for age 3 to 10.

Dubai Fountain Show

As the sun dips below the horizon, Dubai Fountain Show springs to life. Imagine being spellbound by a choreographed spectacle of water, music, and lights soaring as high as a 50-story building. It’s a mesmerizing display that leaves you in awe of what human creativity can achieve.

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

To visit the Dubai Fountain Show, head to the Burj Khalifa Lake in downtown Dubai, located near the base of the iconic Burj Khalifa tower.

Things to do in Dubai Mall’s Fountain show, It’s a mesmerizing sight of music and dancing streams, so be sure to arrive a little early to secure a good viewing spot along the lake promenade for this dazzling experience.

The show usually runs in the evening, starting around 6 pm and continuing every 30 minutes until 11 pm.

Dining Delights In Dubai Mall

There are many things to do in Dubai Mall but after all the adventure, it’s time to refuel, and Dubai Mall serves up culinary delights from around the globe. You can dine in style at gourmet restaurants, savor street food from food trucks, or simply indulge in some of the world’s finest chocolates and desserts.

You can check the Best Dining in Dubai Mall.

More things to do in Dubai Mall ?

check here

it isn’t just a shopping center; it’s a realm of curiosity and excitement!!

Whether you’re a shopaholic, an explorer, or someone seeking culinary adventures, Dubai Mall invites you to step into a world where every moment sparks your imagination. So, when you visit this retail wonderland, let your curiosity run wild and let excitement guide your way with Connect With Traveler!

Dubai Mall normally operates under the following hours:

Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Midnight)
Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

However, please note that during Eid holidays, Ramadan and special events, these regular mall hours may change. It is worth checking for any updates from the official website  

Your Queries

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the top Things To Do In Dubai Mall in 2023:

1. What are the must-see attractions in Dubai Mall ?

Ans. Some of the top attractions include Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Ice Rink, KidZania and VR Park.

2. How much time should I allocate to fully explore Dubai Mall ?

Ans. It depends on your interests, but it is recommended to spend a full day to experience the mall’s various attractions and shopping opportunities.

3. Are there food options available in Dubai Mall ?

Ans. Yes, Dubai Mall has a variety of restaurants, cafes and food courts that offer diverse cuisine options.

5. What is the best time to visit Dubai Mall to avoid crowds?

Ans. Weekday mornings are less crowded than evenings and weekends.

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