Top 10 Most Things to Do in Reims

Things to Do in Reims – Reims is known as the Champagne capital of France as many famous Champagne houses are located there. It is in northeastern France, not far from Paris, about 129 km away. The Champagne region, where Reims is located, has a large number of vineyards, covering approximately 33,993 hectares (84,000 acres). One of the best regions for Champagne production is Montagne de Reims.

But Reims isn’t just about Champagne. It is also a city with a rich history and culture. The city existed even before the time of the Romans! Even though much of Reims was destroyed during World War I, there are still century-old buildings there, as well as new buildings built in the Art Deco style after the war.

If you go to Reims, you can visit the Champagne houses to taste their wines and see their cellars. But there’s more to do than drink champagne! Food lovers will enjoy local cuisine and dine at the Michelin-star restaurants in Reims. It’s a city that has a lot to offer, whether you’re interested in history, culture or just good food and drink. Let’s check out some of the top things to do in Reims!

Have A Champagne Tasting or Two or Three

Things to Do in Reims
Things to Do in Reims

Montagne de Reims is known for growing the three important grapes used in making Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. That’s why there are so many Champagne houses in Reims.

One of the best places to visit is the Champagne House Lanson. It’s special because it’s the only vineyard in town that has its own vineyard, and they let you see it! In World War II, their cellars also hid families from the Germans. These cellars are very old, dating back to Roman times, and are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And, of course, the tour ends with a tasting!

Another interesting Champagne house is Veuve Clicquot. It became famous due to Madame Clicquot in the late 1700s and early 1800s. She was a pioneer who mixed red and white wines to create pink Champagne, which is really popular now. Madame Clicquot also created the first vintage Champagne!

Reims also has other great Champagne houses, such as Taittinger, Ruinart and Vranken Pommery. So if you love Champagne, you’ll have a lot of fun exploring Reims!

Things to Do in Reims – Visit Reims Cathedral

Things to Do in Reims
Things to Do in Reims

Reims Cathedral, also called Notre Dame Cathedral, is a really famous building and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

They started building it way back in 1211, and amazingly, it was finished in just 60 years! But during World War I, it got damaged, and it took until 1938 to fix it up and make it look beautiful again.

Today, it’s a great example of Gothic architecture. This cathedral was super important because they used it to crown the kings of France. Can you believe that 25 kings were crowned here, starting way back in 1223?

When you see the front of the cathedral, you’ll be blown away. It’s covered with over 2,300 statues! In the middle, there’s a statue of the Virgin Mary, and on the sides, there are scenes from the life of Jesus Christ.

You might notice something interesting too – some of the statues don’t have heads! That’s because during the French Revolution, people cut them off. It’s a reminder of the things that happened in the past.

If you want to visit, you can find Reims Cathedral on Pl. Du Cardinal Lucon, 51100, Reims. Taking a guided tour is a great way to learn even more about this amazing place!

Visit The Palace of TAU

Things to Do in Reims.
Things to Do in Reims.

Tau’s Palace is a really old building that was built between 1498 and 1509. It was then fixed up in the 17th century.

This place was owned by the Archbishop of Reims and was used by the Kings of France when they were crowned in the nearby Reims Cathedral. They even had big fancy dinners here after the coronations!

The palace got its name because it looks like the letter T, and “Tau” is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet.

Today, you can visit the palace as a museum. You can check out the big hall, the chapel, and the gardens.

Inside, there are lots of cool things to see, like old furniture, sculptures, and tapestries that are all about the coronations that happened here.

If you want to visit Tau’s Palace, you can find it at 2 Place du Cardinal Lucan, 51100, Reims. It’s a neat place to explore and learn about history!

Enjoy The Art at The Musee Des Beaux Arts

Things to Do in Reims
Things to Do in Reims

This museum is located on what used to be the Saint-Denis Abbey. Inside, you can see artworks by famous artists like Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro.

There are about 230 pieces of art on display, covering five hundred years of French and European art from the Renaissance to the 20th century.

One of the coolest parts of the gallery is the collection of artworks by Foujita. He was a Japanese painter who moved to France and became famous for his self-portraits, paintings of cats, and women.

You’ll also find other famous works, like one of Jacques-Louis David’s ‘The Death of Marat’ paintings, and 27 paintings by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, who was known for his landscapes.

If you want to check out this museum, you can find it at 8 rue Chanzy, 51100, Reims. It’s a great place to see some amazing art!


Visit The Abbey of Saint Remi

Things to Do in Reims
Things to Do in Reims

The Abbey of Saint-Remy is a special place in Reims and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Reims Cathedral and the Palace of Tau.

This monastery was built a long time ago, back in the 11th century, over the chapel where Saint Remy, a famous archbishop, was buried. Saint Remy lived a long time ago, between 440 and 533 AD. He baptized Clovis I, the king of the Franks, and because of that, many Franks became Christians.

The abbey is really cool to see because it’s a great example of Romanesque architecture, with some Gothic touches in the choir area.

If you visit the abbey, you can also check out the museum inside. There, you can learn all about the history of Reims and the monastery, as well as military history from way back in the Gallic Wars to more recent events like the Franco-Prussian War.

You can find the Abbey of Saint Remy at 53 rue Simon, 51100, Reims. It’s definitely worth a visit to learn about the history of the area!


Visit The site Where Germany Surrendered in WWII

After Hitler died on April 30, 1945, the German army leaders gathered in a school in Reims on May 7. They surrendered there, ending the fighting in Europe.

However, the Soviet Union wasn’t fully satisfied with this surrender. They wanted another demonstration of surrender in Berlin the next day.

Still, this school became famous as the place where the Germans officially gave up.

Even today, the school is used, and it’s now called the Franklin Roosevelt School.

You can visit a small museum inside the school. It’s set up in the room where the German delegation surrendered.

Outside the building, you’ll see flags from the UK, US, Russia, and France.

If you want to visit, the Franklin Roosevelt School is at 10 Rue du President Franklin Roosevelt, 51100, Reims. It’s an important piece of history to see!


Try The Cheeses Of Reims

France is known all over the world for its delicious cheese, and Reims has some local varieties that cheese lovers shouldn’t miss out on!

One famous cheese from Reims is called Chardonnay. It’s a soft, creamy cheese with a hint of crispness. It is made from cow milk and has a buttery tasted. It’s perfect to enjoy with a glass of Champagne!

Another popular cheese from Reims is Langres. This cheese is often served with red wine. It’s aged by being washed regularly, which gives it an orange color. Langres is soft and creamy with a rich flavor, and the rind is tasty too!

If you want to try these cheeses and more, a great place to go is Fromez et Vins du Boulingrin. They have an amazing selection of 300 different cheeses, as well as 800 wines and Champagnes to choose from.

You can find Fromez et Vins du Boulingrin at 28 rue de Mars, 51100, Reims. It’s a cheese lover’s paradise!


Explore The Reims Mountain Regional Nature Park

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, check out the Reims Mountain Regional Nature Park! It’s located between Reims and Épernay and covers a huge area of 50,000 hectares (123,552 acres).

The park is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with six family-friendly mountain bike trails that span 100 km (62.12 mi) and easy hiking trails covering 400 km (248.5 mi). You’ll get to explore forests, vineyards, and charming villages as you wander through the park.

One of the coolest parts of the park is the Varzi Forest, where you’ll find around 800 preserved dwarf beech trees. In total, there are over 150 species of plants and trees to discover.

Keep an eye out for wildlife too! You might spot birds like bald eagles and peregrine falcons, as well as groundhogs and white-tailed deer. There are also lakes and rivers in the park, home to fish and amphibians.

If you want to visit, you can find the Reims Mountain Regional Nature Park at Chemin de Nanteuil, 51480, Pourcy. It’s a great place to reconnect with nature and enjoy some outdoor adventures!


Shop At The Boulingrin Market

If you want to experience local life in Reims, don’t miss the Boulingrin Market! It’s a covered market that was built back in 1927, and it’s a bustling hub of activity.

The market is open on Friday and Saturday mornings, and it really comes to life at the crack of dawn. So, if you want the freshest produce, make sure to get there early!

You’ll find all sorts of goodies for sale, like local fruits and veggies, fresh bread, cheese, meat, fish, and beautiful flowers in vibrant colors.

The people of Reims love coming here to buy their groceries, soak in the delicious smells, and catch up with friends. The food sells out fast, so be quick if you see something you like!

After shopping, you can relax at one of the nearby cafes or restaurants with a cup of coffee and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

You can find the Boulingrin Market at 50 Rue de Mars, also known as Rue du Temple, 51100, Reims. It’s a great place to experience the local culture and taste some delicious treats!


Admire Porte Mars

Things to Do in Reims
Things to Do in Reims

The Porte Mars, also known as the Mars Gate, is a huge Roman gate that’s been around since the 3rd century! Can you believe it? It was fixed up by the Normans in the 9th century, making it even more impressive.

This gate is massive – it’s the widest Roman gate in the whole world, stretching 33 meters (108 ft) wide. And it’s tall too, standing at 13 meters (42.65 ft) high. It’s made up of three big arches.

Visiting the Porte Mars is really cool because it’s a remarkable piece of history. Some people say that the citizens of Reims built it to say thanks to the Romans for bringing roads to the city, but we’re not totally sure if that’s true.

The gate got its name from a nearby temple dedicated to the god Mars.

If you look closely, you’ll see intricate carvings on the outside and the arched roof. They tell stories like Romulus and Remus and Leda and the Swan.

You can find the Porte Mars on boulevard Dessaubeau R, 51100, Reims. It’s definitely worth a visit to see this amazing piece of ancient architecture!


1.  What are the top attractions in Reims?
– Reims Cathedral, Porte Mars and the Boulingrin Market are among the top attractions in Reims.

2.   Are there any famous museums in Reims?
– Yes, Musée des Beaux Arts is a famous museum in Reims, which displays the artworks of famous artists like Monet and Renoir.

3.   What outdoor activities can I enjoy in Reims?
– You can explore the Reims Mountain Regional Nature Park, hiking or biking its trails, and enjoy beautiful views of forests, vineyards, and villages.

4.   Where can I taste local cheeses in Reims?
– You can visit Fromage et Vins du Boulingrin, a cheese shop that offers a wide variety of local cheeses along with wine and Champagne.

5.   Which historical sites can I visit in Reims?
– In addition to Reims Cathedral, you can explore the Abbey of Saint-Rémy, the Franklin Roosevelt School (the site of the World War II surrender), and the Porte Mars, a 3rd-century Roman gate.

6.   Are there any special events or festivals in Reims?
– Yes, Reims hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including the Fêtes Johanniques (Joan of Arc Festival) and the Fêtes de la Musique (Music Festival).

7.   Where can I experience local culture in Reims?
– You can immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the Boulanger Market, attending a concert at the Opera de Reims or enjoying a meal in a traditional French restaurant.

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