10 Most  Budget Friendly Countries to Study Abroad in 2024

No.1 Germany

Germany is known for its excellent education system and numerous tuition-free or low-tuition universities

No.2 Norway

Along with stunning landscapes and high standard of living. Norway also offers tuition-free education to foreign students

No.3 Ireland

Thousands of Indian students travel to Ireland each year to foster personal and professional growth.

No.4 France

France ranks among top countries for budget-friendly education and diverse academic opportunities.

No.5 Poland

Poland is home to numerous universities that offer affordable tuition fees.

No.6 Malaysia

Known for its affordable cost of living and diverse culture, Malayasia is an idel study destination.

No.7 Denmark

Denmark is popular for its innovative teaching and a research-driven approach.

No.8 Sweden

The cultural exchange programmed in Sweden attracts thousands of Indian students every year

No.9 New Zealand

New Zealand is recognised as one of the safest and cheapest study destinations.

No.10 South Korea

South Korea has become a recent hub for Indian students seeking culturally rich education.