How Anant Ambani Lost 108 KG: Here Some Tips From His Weight Loss Trainer

Battling Obesity and Winning

Anant Ambani, who suffered from obesity since childhood, had impressed the nation a frew years back as the steeped out with some significant weight loss and looked fit.

Inspiring Journey

Anant's revolutionary body transformation is an inspiring journey for many. All this was possible because of his fitness trainer Vinod Channa.

108 Kgs in 18 Months Only

With Vinod help, Anant lost 108 KG in just a period of 18 months only. For this, he had to undergo rigorous training and was put on a diet.

What Anant Did

Anant worked out for 5-6 hours a day and walked 21 kilometers daily. He also had a customized diet plat to develop healthy eating habits. 

Tips from Trainer Vinod

Here is what Vinod Channa did for Anant Ambani that you can follow too.

Eat Wisely

A diet plan was created to control portions and eat healthy. The diet consisted of foods with less monounsaturated fats and more fiber.

Workout Regularly

In addition to diet, Anant also underwent a rigorous training session. He worked out for hours and did light exercises like walking

Be Strees-Free

Being in the right mind is also necessary to lose weight. A good work-life balance and being stress free is the key to weight loss.

Anant Ambani Weight Lo