10 Most Cleanest Countries in The World 2024.

1. Denmark

Denmark stands out as the cleanest nation in the world with an impressive Environmental Performance Index EPI score of 77.9.

2. United Kingdom

With an EPI score of 77.7. the UK is the world's second cleanest country.

3. Finland

Finland secures the third spot with an DPI score of 76.5.

4. Malta

Despite its small size, Malta stands out with an EPI score of 75.2. Ranking Fourth.

5. Sweden

Coming in at number Five, Sweden has an EPI score of 72.7.

6. Luxembourg

Luxembourg prioritises cnvironmental health and sustainable EPI score of 72.3.

7. Slovenia

Slovenia ranked seventh with an EPI score of 67.3. The Country is reducing pollution.

8. Austria

Ranking eight, Austria's EPI score of 66.5 reflects its efforts in areas such as water quality.

9. Switzerland

At ninth place, Switzerland has an EPI score of 65.9.

10. Iceland

Iceland rounds out the top 10 with an EPI score of 62.8. The country's effective waste management all help to maintain a clean environment.