Pete Carroll's Legacy: Beyond Wins, Cultivating a Unique Culture

The decision to evolve Carroll's role was made amicably, considering the franchise's best interest.

Seahawks finished the 2023 season with a 9-8 record, missing the playoffs for the fourth time in 14 seasons.

Carroll led the Seahawks to 11 winning seasons, 10 playoff appearances, and victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Under Carroll, the Seahawks led the NFL in scoring defense for four consecutive seasons from 2012-2015.

Carroll's coaching legacy extends beyond wins, focusing on relationship-building, positivity, and instilling confidence.

Seahawks' culture is described as relationship-based, emphasizing individualized evaluations, caring, and building players up.

Carroll's positive attitude and ability to instill confidence quickly stand out, creating an environment for players to thrive.

Carroll's coaching philosophy extends to caring for players as individuals, creating a supportive environment for personal growth.